Machine vision plays an important role in product and part identification by reading data codes, barcodes, and locating unique patterns on items based on color, shape, or size.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
OCR is a vision-based identification process that converts text images into encoded text that is read by computers. OCR also converts text into strings of characters that are analyzed by computer algorithms to identify text characters that most closely match a target image or text code.

Optical Character Verification (OCV)
OCV determines the text quality and identifies potential text errors by comparing it against a target image. It measures the degree of similarity between an image and defined reference text characters.

Pattern Matching
Pattern matching extracts visual information from an image or a video stream in order to detect errors, count and measure objects, provide motion analysis, and compare an image's unique pattern, color, shape, and size with target images.

Bar Code Reading
A barcode is a machine-readable image that is printed on a label and applied to a part or product (print-and-apply), or directly marked on a part, product or package (DPM). Barcodes contains encoded data about an item (unique identification or serialization), or encoded data about a batch or lot of items. Barcode scanners are typically used to capture and read bar code data in order to identify and track parts throughout manufacturing and assembly.

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