Top 7 Contributors to a Robust Machine Vision System

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Top 7 Contributors to a Robust Machine Vision System

  • Rob Couture

A robust system is one that is reliable and adaptable to handle all of the natural variations and fringe cases over an extended period of time.
Top 7 contributors to a robust vision inspection system:

1.    Lights & Optics (link)
         - 80% of a Machine Vision Project's Success Is in the Lighting and Optics
         The quality of inspection features within an image depends on the contrast it presents. The lighting techniques and choice in optics directly impact how well these details are picked up by your machine vision system.

2.    Engineering Fundamentals (link)
         - In Machine Vision, Math Matters  

3.    Industrial Grade Equipment (link)
         - But the Vision System Worked in the Lab!  Ruggedize your MV Design

4.    Thermal Management ( link )
         - Heat and Stress Not Only Affects You, but the Vision System too

5.    Image Curation (coming soon)
         - Lack of Curated Images Makes it Difficult to Track Product Variances in Vision Inspection

6.    Validating Threshold Changes (coming soon)
         - Contain BAD Product by Running a Vision Threshold Precision-Recall Analysis

7.    Preventive Maintenance (coming soon)
         - Be Proactive, Not Reactive in Maintaining Your Vision Systems Performance

I'll be diving a little deeper into each of these topics over the next few weeks.

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