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Turnkey Solutions

We can provide stand-alone turn-key machine vision systems with Cognex Dataman, In-Sight, VisionPro, or MvTec Halcon for a wide range of manufacturing, assembly, and packaging applications. Our in-house front-end HMI decouples the Camera Acquisition and Vision Algorithms so that we can choose the best hardware and software to solve the problem. Standard HMI features include:

  • Display of the last (10) inspection results data and its pass/fail status
    • Each feature checked by the vision algorithms will have its own pass/warning/fail status and value
  • Product selection from catalog allows a single system to handle multiple products
  • Image Archiving and Playback
    • Inspection results and other production variables are embedded in the meta-data of the image to allow for offline system debugging or can be used for validation
  • Access control to limit changes to tolerances or access to maintenance forms; dependent on the user level
    • Auto logout of user access level back to operator
    • Auto close of maintenance forms
  • I/O test form
  • Camera test form

Standard Deliverables
  • Programs, unlocked Vision Scripts/Job files and licenses
  • Documentation Package for Operator and Maintenance
  • Back-up and Restore Thumb Drive
  • Open source and IT Friendly Remote Access Support Package
  • (2) follow-up onsite Preventative Maintenance visits during the warranty period

Available Options
  • Image File Server, Database, and Interweb System Dashboard in a Box
  • Post Warranty Support and Preventative Maintenance Program

How Can We Help?

Industrial Machine Vision systems help to ensure the quality of your product and can be designed so that they are maintenance friendly.

From retrofits to turnkey solutions, extracting meaningful data or making an existing system more reliable; we are here to help you meet The Standard.

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