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Lean and agile manufacturing mindsets seek to reduce product changeover time, have less work-in-process, and increase throughput without using additional floor space. As Machine Vision Integrators, we can surgically add machine vision into existing equipment and address these paradigms while ensuring consistent quality after the changeover.

Easy & Intelligent Product Change Over
Our systems have the flexibility of loading custom machine vision scripts for a particular product. This can be done via the system's Operator HMI or a recipe change command from a PLC. For lines where each product produced is tied to a work order, we have the software and database programming expertise to look up the configuration information from the plant's database or interact directly with the plant's MES.

System Designed for Today's and Tomorrow's Throughput
Whether it's smart cameras from Cognex or PC-based systems such as Cognex VisionPro or MvTec Halcon, the installed (or upgraded) vision system can be engineered to meet not only the current rate of production but also the future desired rate of production. In cases of significant variance from one product type to the next, we would add a lighting controller to the system for increased flexibility and seamless changeover. Faster inspection capability coupled with short changeover times helps to reduce work-in-process.

Engineered for the Space Available and Maintenance Friendly
Our solid understanding of the math behind the Optics of a machine vision system and Illumination design experience allow us to engineer a solution that we know can make fit and be robust in the existing available space on a machine. Most importantly, the design needs to be reviewed with the plant's support staff to ensure that it does not impede the machine's routine preventative maintenance.

How Can We Help?

Industrial Machine Vision systems help to ensure the quality of your product and can be designed so that they are maintenance friendly.

From retrofits to turnkey solutions, extracting meaningful data or making an existing system more reliable; we are here to help you meet The Standard.

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