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OEM Open Source Development

Eliminate Runtime Licenses
Are you developing an OEM product with a commercial or questionable IP license and looking to reduce cost or risk? Commercial machine vision packages allow for rapid prototyping and deployment. But suppose you are creating a system that has a few hundred to a few thousand identical installations. In that case, it becomes financially viable to have someone else develop the imaging and inspection solution.

We have worked with several different camera vendors, open-source computer vision libraries, and propriety machine vision SDKs. Our team can help to shave time off your development system. All source code necessary from capture engine to vision script is provided royalty-free upon final payment.

GPU Programming
Custom Vision algorithms can be sped up by refactoring and optimizing for use with different parallelization libraries. But sometimes, it's not enough to reduce execution time so that it is feasible for use in an industrial production environment. Refactoring your custom vision algorithm to run on a GPU or FPGA might be the performance enhancement you are looking for.

How Can We Help?

Industrial Machine Vision systems help to ensure the quality of your product and can be designed so that they are maintenance friendly.

From retrofits to turnkey solutions, extracting meaningful data or making an existing system more reliable; we are here to help you meet The Standard.

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