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Existing System No Longer Meeting Expectations?
Like any system installed in an industrial environment, it will need a little bit of love at some point. Poorly designed systems will require a tune-up much sooner than later. Sadly, it's not uncommon for other integrators to leave a machine vision system with nuisance errors; and because the overall project was unprofitable, they drag their feet to provide support. Our team can evaluate existing machine vision installations and make recommendations along with an execution plan to improve the overall system robustness.

Machine Vision Architect
Vision Systems are a niche engineering discipline that requires different areas of expertise to create a robust system:

  • Understanding the math behind the optics
  • The art and science of a photographer to make a subject look good
  • Software development and concurrency design patterns
  • SQL queries and database storage
  • Image processing theory and experience to create lean algorithms that are capable of processing several parts per second
  • Control systems to position and deal with rejecting a non-conforming product
  • Mechanical design to fix camera/lights/optics and constrain the product to a predictable location and orientation

A machine builder with a $500k or multimillion-dollar end-to-end system with a machine vision sub-system that's rejecting a lot of good products can sour the end-user experience. We can assist your engineering team by being part of the initial system design process and, if desired, be a resource until the Factory Acceptance Test.

Your Boots on the Ground
It's incredible how rapidly Deep Learning and Analytics algorithms evolve, and their capabilities increase when developed by well-funded venture capital. These companies have the resources to put together the infrastructure for developing genuine Deep Learning Software as a Service (Sass). Each month, a new deep learning model can be pushed down to the inference engine at the edge production. The Achilles heel of this service will still be the lighting and optical design of the system. Garbage image in, garbage results out.

A regional resource is will still be needed for installation and maintenance. We can be that resource to provide lighting, optics, and mechanical design for a system capable of collecting high-quality images and deal with the control system to interact with the industrial production environment. Essentially, we can be your boots on the ground.

How Can We Help?

Industrial Machine Vision systems help to ensure the quality of your product and can be designed so that they are maintenance friendly.

From retrofits to turnkey solutions, extracting meaningful data or making an existing system more reliable; we are here to help you meet The Standard.

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