Inspection Type




The inside of a tire is manually inspected for surface defects and penetration by foreign objects. It can be physically awkward and challenging to see small objects manually, so the vision system handles that task.


For this pilot project, a camera on a linear slide and rotating mirror constrained to a 12" x 3" package were mounted on the end of the linear arm and joysticked into the center of the tire. Laser gauges provide feedback to the operator for their ideal placement. Interior is laser profiled to calculate optimal camera distance such that the entire field of view is within focus. The mirror is centered to the field of view, and the tire is rotated while the camera acquires a series of images. After each series of images, the mirror is adjusted to the next field of view, and the process is repeated until the interior is fully imaged. Images are then presented to the operator on a 34" curve monitor for manual inspection. The operator reviews the images and draws boxes around possible defects. Afterward, this information is archived with an identifier. At a later date, this data can be used to train a Deep Learning system.

Deep Learning, Aerospace, Automotive, PC-based Vision