Nail Polish Overwrap Quality Check

Unsorted Laser Ink Cartridge Identification at Recycling Center for Pick Robot

Imaging Inside a Tire at Retredding Facility

Trading Card Game Packaging Track & Trace

Trading Card Game QR and OCR Match Verification

Nail Polish Product Sticker Location and Lot/Date Code Presence Check

Deep Learning Baby Animal Head Orientation

Nail Polish Cap OCR

Diesel Engine Head Sub Dot Pin Barcode Readying and Data Collation

Side Illumination Filled Vial Counting on Stainless Steel Tray

Product Assembly Barcode Match Verification for Washing Machine

Label Verificiation for Mix Nuts Package Line

Barcode Case Reading for Refrigerated Product

Trading Card Game Box Assembly Inspection

Medical Powder Pouch Inspection

Lot/Date Code OCR on Kids Vitamins Bottle

Medical Encoded Syringe Labeler Inspection

Robotic Pick and Place Solder Pre-Forms into Pocketed Waffle Pack

Robotic Seed Dispenser for Genetic Testing

Stereo Vision Gauging Alignment of Stator and Rotor

Pharmaceutical Catheter Not Caught in Packaging Seal Inspection

Railroad Bearing Race Barcode and Date Identification

Poka Yoke Inspection on Interior Car Door Assembly

Forged Bearing Race Under-fills and Blemishes Inspection

Engine Block Gauging and Loc-tite Presence Inspection

Automotive Tire Highpoint Marker Identification

Automotive Tire Tread Color Band Identification

Fuse Block Component and Color Identification on Fuse Block Assembly

Car/House Key Blank Defect Inspection

Pharmaceutical Lollipop Emboss Identification, Chipping and Capping Inspection

Pharmaceutical Lollipop Packaging Contents Inspection

Pharmaceutical Lollipop Date Code Presence/Absence Inspection

Pharmaceutical Lollipop Product Label Identification

1D Barcode Sequential Inspection for Coupons

RSS Stacked Code Quality Inspection

2D Matrix Identification on Pint Size Ice Cream Container

2D Matrix Identification on Oval Ice Cream Container

Brazing Paste Positioning and Paste Size Inspection on Sprocket Gears

Spot Weld Quality on Hose Clamps Inspection

Laser Spot Welder Re-Alignment Guidance on Nuclear Fuel Assemblies

Pharmaceutical Tablet Profile Chipping and Capping Inspection

Pharmaceutical Tablet Print Quality Inspection

International Mail Tag Identification

ID Card Inspection - Permanent Residency Card

ID Card Inspection - Drivers License

Automotive Light Bulb Cluster Assembly Identification and Inspection

Automotive Telltale Cluster Assembly Identification and Inspection

Automotive Gauge Calibration Inspection and Gauging

Vinyl Floor Tile Quality Inspection

SUV Roof Options Inspection

SUV Fender Inspection

Metal Profiling Gauging on Car Frame

Adpro Verification on TPO Fascia Inspection

Truck Fender Inspection

Elpo Locking Pin Inspection