Our Mission

Enabling clients to produce a quality product and gather data with
industrial Machine Vision and Deep Learning technology

  • Deploy an Operator and Maintenance-friendly framework that is camera, vision toolkit and, PLC agnostic
  • Deliver a production-ready customized image capturing solution to the plant floor in 6 weeks or less
  • Support the team on the production floor by being responsive, provide solid documentation, and a preventative maintenance program

Our Focus

These are our guiding tenets of this company. They are timeless, enduring, and intrinsically important. They are the compass for the company's vision and shape our culture and reflect our identity.


We keep our clients in the loop by staying engaged and providing regular updates.

Great organizations build a culture of growth and accountability from the ground up. All team members have a growth mindset, take ownership of a problem, and exhibit fluid intelligence. Compensation package includes an annual education/training budget and performance metrics bonus paid quarterly which, is tied to our revenue.

We look to systemize our organization and its key processes to achieve predictable and reliable results. When executing projects, teams will be no larger than what 2 pizzas can feed. This allows for individuals to grow and become cross-trained. Lone wolf programmers and Technical Divas need not apply.

If it doesn't have a camera on it, we are not involved. By focusing on our craft and reinvesting into expanding our lab, we can solve technically challenging problems.

Core Values

A company's Core Values embody the personality of a company and are the foundation of its culture. It defines the qualities that we look for when we hire, also the standard to be maintained.

Take ownership of a problem

Details matter

Be coachable, have a growth mindset and a continuous learning

Resourcefulness and cognitive flexible = thrive in a VUCA environment

Contribute to systems that are lean, results-oriented and bring value to all stakeholders

Don't be a brilliant jerk, technical diva or lone wolf programmer

Strategically Agile and Tactically Flexible Teams

DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support. Although DevOps is a concept from the tech industry, the military has a history of effective use of small teams that are cross-trained and work as a cohesive unit. Industrial manufacturing and System Integrators are starting to take notice of the advantages of using small cross-trained teams that are leaner, more flexible, and implement projects faster.

A rapid deployment team carries a project from beginning to end. And they own the RESULT.

If a particular skill set is required that is not supported by the team; then an outside contractor can be brought in to fill that need for that project.

At 4VT, everyone becomes part of a “fire” team that takes on a project together. Everyone is equally responsible for the project’s success, so our approach is to cross-train everyone so anyone can step in and deal with issues that come up. Each team member is given the opportunity to experience different roles within a project, figure out what works, and refine the standard operating procedures. Over the long term, results are repeatable and can be replicated across multiple teams.

This flexibility is excellent for the project, for the customer, and our employees.

Inspiring Next Generation of Engineers

robotics NC First Robotics

The founder of 4th Vector Technologies attended a vocational high school whose technology department was outfitted by generous donations from local industrial system integrators. Having access to the equipment and being exposed to CAD, PLC, CNC, controls, electronics, and welding that was being used in industry, provided some real-world skills; that was applicable after he completed his degree in Physics.

Manufacturing and production today are in the process of re-shoring back to the United States, and the majority of it is not being done by manual labor. Instead, it's being automated, and there are currently skill gaps in mechanical design, controls programming, robotics, and machine vision. The viability of a career in automating American manufacturing is dependent on having the pipeline starts at the high school level. Our current form of stewardship in this regard is to sponsor NC FIRST® teams located in Wake County.

For 2021 we are offering a $500 sponsorship for 2x FTC and a $1000 sponsorship 1x FRC team.

Complete the online application form and attach/upload a PDF.

Submissions close on the Wednesday after Labor Day at 11:59 pm. Winners will be notified on the following Sunday.

2023 Recipients

Quantum Quacks
Ravenscroft Robotics

Why Work For 4VT?

The same core values that make 4th Vector Technologies a unique Machine Vision Integrator also make it a unique place to pursue your career

Careers & Internships

Craftsman & Intrapreneurs Welcomed

The Founder's vision is to build a technology company of Craftsman and Intrapreneurs

Cross-trained Small Teams

Team members are organized into small Units that execute projects from start to finish, and everyone is cross-trained

Free To Lead

No micro-management. Objectives are set; the team prioritizes and executes


Education Reimbursement

We invest in our people by providing an annual training budget and setting quarterly intentional learning objectives

Sharing in Our Success

Quarterly bonus program based on Performance Metrics for you and your Unit

4 Weeks PTO, 9 Paid Holidays

Work hard, play hard, and recharge

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