Careers & Internships

Full-time Benefits

  • 4 Weeks PTO, 9 Stat Holidays
  • Annual Educational/Conference Budget
  • ICHRA + HSA contribution
  • Metrics Driven Quarterly Bonus Program

Online Application

We are a full-service industrial machine vision integrator with a primary focus on PC-based systems serving NC, SC, and VA. We integrate a full suite of vision technologies including Cognex products and MvTec Halcon and provide industrial vision solutions for inspection, identification, guidance, 3D vision, and image-based deep learning.

Strategically Agile and Tactically Flexible Teams
We are seeking to build 4 person cross-trained units that execute projects from start to finish. Although, your educational background may be focused in a single discipline of engineering, physics, applied math, computer science, etc, a resourceful individual that is seeking to be a continuous learner will enjoy the challenges we have to offer.

If you're looking to run your game at a higher level, expand your skillsets, and work with a small, committed team that wants to rise above the status quo, consider applying to a position with us.

This temp position is open to any current FRC or FTC high school robo club members and CS/Eng/Math university students located in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.

As deep learning projects come up, we reach out to a list of candidates that wish to participate. You will be provided training and 500 - 2500 images to process within a 2-3 week window. Process as many as you would like, with a minimum of 250 images. Batch sizes range from 250 - 500 images.

Processing images

  • Review the image for features or anomalies
  • Draw an ROI around the feature
  • Paint the feature
  • Choose a descriptor from a list that best identifies the feature or anomaly


Key Requirements

  • Attention to Detail
  • Ability and bandwidth to meet the work requirements window
  • Signed NDA



  • Paid per image, median processing time works out to ~15/hr.
  • Individuals that are faster will earn more, those will average out to less per hour.

Per state mandate on piece work:

  • Average hourly rate can not be below minimum wage
  • More than 40 hours clocked in a single week, will be subject to overtime rules


Are you an engineer who likes integrating lights/optics, microprocessors, and programming applications that interact with cameras, sensors, and servos?  Do you have undergrad classes in optics, computer science, and engineering?

Do you see the stuff people are doing with OpenCV, Tensor Flow, or Intel RealSense and think that's really cool?

Do you want to play with similar hardware but at the industrial level?

Do you want to see how stuff is made?  Everything from ice cream to diesel engines to medical devices?

Consider stepping into a career in Industrial Machine Vision & Deep Learning Integration.

We are recruiting for an imaging specialist with courses in optics, imaging, and computer vision.   Graduates of bachelor's and master's programs are welcome to apply.

To find out more about our company's culture and what we do, check out our GlassDoor profile:,34.htm


  • $60,000 - $75,000 /yr
  • 4 Weeks PTO
  • Quarterly project bonus/commission
  • Medical - up to $12k/yr
    • ICHRA - $8,400 /yr
    • HSA contribution - $3,600 /yr
  • 401K - 2%of compensation



  • Lighting and Optical Design
  • Proof of Concept and Evaluation of Customer Samples in our Lab
  • Integrating new camera APIs into the company's framework
  • Front-end development in .Net environment
  • CV algorithm development
  • Expanding in-house Imaging Annotation tools
  • GPU and FPGA programming
  • Machine vision programming using Cognex, MvTec, and Accord.Net platforms
  • Field installation and support
  • Systems design/architecture
  • Support Sales/Marketing and contribute towards the customer experience
  • Hit quarterly professional development targets


You will eventually be part of a 4 person strategical agile and tactically flexible team.  Everyone in the team pitches in to execute projects from beginning to end:

  • Design
  • Programming
  • Assembly
  • Control system configuration
  • Field installation


You will be cross-trained in one or more of the following areas:

  • Controls systems
  • Robotics systems
  • Software Development
  • Electrical



Required experience or course work in:

  • Optics
  • Linear Algebra
  • Image Processing


Desirable coursework/experience:

  • .Net programming
  • Image-based deep learning
  • ML/Analytics (classification, regression, clustering)
  • Imaging – Illumination techniques and Camera Acquisition 
  • Cognex Dataman, Cognex InSight, Cognex VisionPro, MvTec Halcon, Accord.Net
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, including technical writing



  • Bachelor's degree or Masters candidate in Imaging Science, Computer/Systems Engineering or equivalent


To Be in Alignment with the Company Culture…

  • Take ownership of a problem
  • Adopt the craftsman mindset
  • Do the job such that the next guy doesn't curse our name
  • Be resourceful, adaptable, and biased towards action
  • Not a Brilliant Jerk, Technical Diva, or Lone Wolf Programmer


Desired Outcomes in the first 2 Quarterly targets

  • Obtain basic certification in AIA CVP Program
  • Complete Cognex InSight and Cognex VisionPro training